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Why Should You Hire a Cinematographer?

Why Should You Hire a Videographer Cinematographer?


a person who makes video films. "a professional wedding videographer"


a person who oversees or directs photography and camerawork in movie-making, especially one who operates the camera. "the film has been shot by an award-winning cinematographer"

Videography is a skill, cinematography is an art. There is a myriad of reasons why you should hire a cinematographer on your wedding day. Of course, it’s all about memories, and people can easily capture these memories on their personal cameras and other devices. After all, they’re all very high quality now! So what is it about a wedding video that makes it so special that more and more people want one despite the added expense?

Your Memories as You Know Them

To you, there may never be a day as special as your wedding day. It is the start of your new, happier life and this day marks everything that will be beautiful about it.

Now, no matter how high quality your cousin’s DSLR camera or your mother-in-law’s iPhone is, capturing a video with that will not be the same. This is because these people will want to enjoy the party themselves as well and therefore their heart will not be into capturing every moment at its finest.

The cinematographer will also ensure that there is high-quality audio present so you can have a full sensory experience, and when you look back at your big day it will bring happy tears in your eyes, every single time.

Experiencing the Moments You Missed Out on

You and your new husband will certainly be the center of attention but there will inevitably be many moments you will miss out on. You won’t be there for the moments before you walk down the aisle, you will likely miss a few loving moments between your parents, and perhaps some of the things your friends are up to while you are busy with your new spouse.

All of these moments will be summed up beautifully in your wedding video. It will be like going back in time and savoring the moments that you couldn’t at the time.

Something for the Internet and Those Who Missed Out

You must have seen wedding videos of friends and relatives floating around the internet. Surely they made you feel something, envy maybe?

This will be your chance. You can show off your big day to the internet and anyone else who was not able to make it. You can upload it to YouTube or Facebook and watch it anytime you want. Finally, it will be your wedding video that will stir gossip amongst your colleagues and distant relatives!

Photographs are Not the Same

A wedding album is a necessity, yes. But a photographer and cinematographer, though they go hand in hand, are not the same. Still-moments, without audio, motion, and emotion will not stir your heart the way a wedding video will. While you will have to discuss and recall many moments in the album, in the video you can simply watch and experience anew. Ten years, twenty years down the line, will you still remember the moments behind the limited images in your wedding album? Having a video to highlight the emotions of the most important moments of the day will bring back the feelings you felt that very day.

So now that we have established exactly why you need a wedding video, let us discuss the specifics: What do you look for in a cinematographer?

Not all cinematographers are the same and just because one is cheap and has a lot of projects under his belt does not guarantee his being the best. Here are the essentials you need to look out for:

Quality of Work

Before you book a cinematographer make sure you go through their portfolio. Watch a couple of their featured works and see if they are to your liking. This is where multiple options help because you can compare them with each other to see which one is ‘The One’ for you. Every Cinematographer has a


Cinematographers exist in all kinds of affordability ranges. You know your pocket, and you probably have a fixed budget. It is important to not go overboard with the budget because then you might feel a tinge of regret for spending excessive money every time you watch the video. We have multiple, flexible packages for nearly every budget.


Make sure the cinematographer has some quality work to show. Years in the industry means we have seen it all, dealt with it all, and understand everything that might happen on a wedding day. Cake falling over? Seen it. Missing flowers? Missing rings? Yup. Crazy things happen when bring tens or hundreds of people together in an unpracticed choreography. We help keep your day running smooth.


Lastly, the professionalism with which photographers and cinematographers handle their job is crucial. Make sure they do not disrupt any moments of the day when capturing them. Photographers/Cinematographers with beginner level equipment end up far too close to the action and get in the way of guests. We have several cameras, and long (telephoto) lenses to keep us out of the action and behind the scenes.

Also, make sure they will get along well with yourselves and their loved ones on that special day. Will you meet your photographer or cinematographer in person before your wedding? It is crucial that you have a relationship and you may even develop a friendship with someone that is going to share every moment of one of the most important days of your life.

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